Saturday, June 30, 2007


Two posts in one day... can you stand the excitement???

No one ever tags me for the blog memes I just wander around the blogs I read and do the ones I think look fun. Anyway this one comes from JenLa.

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day only. Then post three events, two births and one holiday that occurred on your birthday.

May 30

3 Events

1431 - Hundred Years' War: In Rouen, France, 19-year-old Joan of Arc burned at the stake by an English-dominated tribunal.

1536 - King Henry VIII of England marries Jane Seymour, a lady-in-waiting to his first two wives.

1958 - Memorial Day: The remains of two unidentified American servicemen, killed in action during World War II and the Korean War, are buried at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery.

2 Births

1908 - Mel Blanc, American voice actor (d.1989)

1943 - Gale Sayers, American football player

and just to go along with my theory the there is never anyone good listed when they do the "born on this day things" in the paper for MY birthday....

1968 - Zacarias Moussaoui, French citizen found guilty relating to September 11, 2001 attacks

1 Holiday

United States – Memorial Day (originally)

and since they decided we need a three day weekend in the US and moved the holiday that was on my birthday....

Peru – National Potato Day

Who knew.....

it would be so hard to find a bike when you're short! I've decided I want a bike (yes I still have the 10 speed I got for my thirteenth birthday but let's face it .... I really don't see me riding that one anymore).

I stopped at Walmart (which has bikes in the price range I'm willing to spend on a bike) and tried two. Maybe I just need to get used to just having my toes touching the ground when I'm standing but both bkies felt too big for me.

Plus who in the world designs bike seats these days????? Man oh man they were not very comfortable. If I get one I see a seat cover in my future!! Hmmmm I wonder if I can knit one (JUST KIDDING!!!)

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Oh for heaven's sake I finally post and the darn computer ate it.....

Trying again here!! Not sure where the past month has gone but I guess they do say that time flies when you're having fun (although I've also found that to be true at times when you're NOT having fun....)

I have pictures in the camera of non-stash stash but that won't help this post since the camera and I aren't anywhere we can post the picutres.

I've also added to non-stash stash with a skein of corn fiber yarn (it can't be stash it's a science experiment I mean it's CORN!!!) and some new sock yarn from Cider Moon in the peas and carrots colorway. I've been good so far and haven't abandoned any of the other socks in progess to start these yet.