Sunday, February 14, 2010

At the zoo

So Keith and I went to the zoo today to scout out the Wolf Wilderness Lodge where we are getting married in September. As many of you know my favorite animal is the beaver, which is very rarely active when I am at the zoo (much to my chagrin). Today was definitely an exception!!!! Not only was it out and swimming, it was sitting in the corner of the exhibit and I think Keith was amused to watch me trying to interact with it.

Now for totally gratuitous shot of adorableness!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Half of a Lifetime

Not sure why I feel compelled to blog this but I do and therefore I will listen to the inner voice and put this out here.

Today my dad has been dead for literally half of my life.

I will be 42 in May this year. The year he died I turned 21 that May. Literally half of my life has been spent without any parent in it since my mom will be gone 37 years in May.

Is there anything more than a rambling observation to this entry? Probably not. It was just something that struck me as I was sitting here this morning.

That being said I have things to do today: cleaning, sorting things out to prepare for the move to South Dakota (which considering half a lifetime has passed so quickly will be here oh say tomorrow), and an event with the people from work.

Remember life changes quickly and time passes before you know it. Tell those you love you love them at every opportunity.