Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the road

Greetings from the lovely state of NJ (actually I'm not being sarcastic much of NJ is lovely). This wi-fi thingy seems to be working so I thought I'd take a shot at a post... No pictures from the trip yet but the workout room has a FANTASTIC view of NYC. I spent my 30 minutes on the bike watching the TV in the bike console (only complaint I can't get Food network on the bike) and looking out at the Manhattan skyline.

Way cool.....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Anyone remember the fair???

In the interest of FINALLY making good on posting better pictures of the fair entries I do have a better picture of the fish blanket.

I have actually used the blanket once or twice to cover up with when it was really cold this winter. It did turn out to be just the right size for a "lap" blanket.

There may be blogging from the road in the next few weeks. I will be off on a business trip and if I can figure out how to get online while I am gone maybe I will delight everyone with a post. Can you all stand the excitement????

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Changes in Attitude (changes in latitude)

Yesterday was one of THOSE days...very frustrating and stressful. I was pretty happy with myself though, prior to December a day like that would have sent me to the grocery store for chips, sweets, any kind of junk food. Instead I went to the Y and worked out for about an hour an a half. Did I REALLY want to be there when I first got on the treadmill - no not really. But I told myself just stick it out for fifteen minutes and by the end of that I was totally into my workout (and it helped they had Food network on the TV) and did the entire 45 minutes.

As promised earlier... pictures of my new "toys".

First is the big one that I didn't really think I needed but man have I loved it since I bought it!! (It's amazing how much faster things are now that I'm not running windows98)

The other is my constant companion at the Y. I love LOVE LOVE it.

I still need to add some more songs to it (right now I only have about 25 on there) but it really is a great little gadget.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Miracle (on ice - sort of)

Well I suppose two posts in one week does count as a miracle around here these days. Especially since this one even has (brace yourselves - a picture of actual KNITTING!!!)

I went to a book signing tonight for Kurt Browning's book A is for Axel (hence the sort of on ice part of the title). I do admit that I am a bit biased since Kurt is my all time favorite skater but the man is witty, charming, nice as heck and good looking to boot. I honestly think he looks better now than he did during his days of Olympic competition..... but anyway I digress.

I was waiting to have my books signed (I also brought along the autobiography he wrote in the early 1990s) and I had my sock in progress with me. I decided to steal page from the Yarn Harlot and ask him to hold the sock for a picture.
What resulted was this.....

Actually trying to put the SIP on was his idea. That is actually the heel of the sock covering his toes since I am currently working on the gusset.

I must admit he was a very good sport about all of this!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Still here

OK so far I've not done so well on the resolution to post more on the blog. Somehow the past two months have just flown by.

The other two resolutions are coming along better. I've lost about 20 pounds (as of the last doc visit) since the end of December. I've joined the Y and try to go at least three times a week. I've surprised myself by really enjoying it.

I haven't bought any new yarn so far this year. My current project is a pair of socks for me using some yarn that I bought in upstate NY last year.

I might add to the stash next month. I'm going on another business trip which will allow me a day in New York City. In addition to the usual sites I want to see I want to try and hit a few yarn shops.

I did get myself two new "toys" though. I splurged and bought a laptop which I LOVE!!! I can't believe how much I enjoy being able to be online while I'm in the living room. And since I'm running Vista (vs Windows 98) I got an ipod shuffle. Actually that was my Christmas present from my sister and brother-in-law since they sent me the gift card I used to buy it. It comes in very handy at the gym since my CD player really got in the way when I use the weights.

I'll have to see if I can get some pictures of the new gadgets and post them.