Monday, August 23, 2010

You are kidding, right?

So this weekend we were watching TV and a commercial came on for a new show on NBC this fall. The premise for this cultural masterpiece? Outsourcing American jobs to India!!!!

I kid you not! The show is actually called Outsourced and apparently will be following the crazy escapades and hijinks of an American sent to run his company's call center in India.

What brain trust thought that this would be a good premise for a show? I mean, seriously. Unemployment is still running rampant in this country and they think we want a chuckle about how funny it is when American culture and jobs meet Indian society?

Needless to say this is yet another show we will NOT be watching. Of course we rarely watch broadcast network television (can anyone say YAY for Food Network)? Maybe someone should outsource the NBC programming director's job to India ... that might be worth a laugh.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Corn Palace

Yesterday Keith and I decided to hit the road and drive up to Mitchell. I've never seen the Corn Palace so away we went!

It is pretty amazing that they cover the outside of this building with different pictures made of corn each year. The 2010 theme seemed to be transportation through the ages.

If you notice the side pillars, they've already started working on the new designs for 2011.
There was also one panel dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America (which seemed appropriate given how much popcorn those little buggers sell each year!)

The concession (I'm sorry CORN-CESSION) stand amused me to no end so I had to take a picture of the sign!

Yep the stuff they sell is heavily corn based!

We watched a video explaining how the history of the Corn Palace and how they make the designs each year. Basically they draw an outline of the designs and fill them in (kind of a "corn by numbers" as the video said!) with the nine different colors of corn they use.

I found an example of it on the outside of one of the gift shops across the street.

Duck corn by numbers
The completed duck

We also found a cheerful fella to hang out with!