Saturday, January 17, 2009

We interrupt....

the year in review to bring you breaking news from the kitchen/drive way!

We have a puddle forming since the blasted weather has caused a pipe to break somewhere under the kitchen.

A plumber has been called (before 7 am I might add). But I couldn't have them here at 9 because I needed to do my quarterly visit to the vampire (aka doctor for my quarterly blood work). So now I have a four hour window of between 10-2. It's just now 10 so hopefully the phone will be ringing soon to tell me the plumber man is on the way!

Trust me when I say this is not how I wanted to spend my three day weekend, but at least it happened when I was home. I am desperately trying to find a silver lining here!!! And I suspect it may have something to do with the pipe that feeds the never used hose which would also be a plus.

Oh and in case anyone wonders .... so far winter sucks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New experiences

2008 review continues.....The year also brought some new experiences --- smooshed boobs and a traffic ticket. Sorry no pictures to go with this one (even though I have the ticket and my "booby bandaid" from mammogram #2) cause if I wait to get pictures of those things it will be 2010 before I finish reviewing 2008!

The mammogram wasn't hideous for anyone that is putting of their own for fear of agony. Although in my case the right boob is a total pain in my ass and caused me to go back for a second smooshing and an ultrasound. One cool thing though - they do give you a band aid with a bb attached to it to wear for the procedure.

The traffic ticket was also great fun! I managed to make it to 40 before I got my first (and hopefully only) traffic ticket. I missed a red light and the lovely police man was kind enough to stop me and give me an Independence Day present for it.

I did go to traffic court - which believe me was an experience in and of itself!!! I think my favorite had to be the guy telling a bunch of people he just met while we were all waiting that he had been totally honest with his parole officer when he said he had a dope problem. He even said that if he had to pee in a cup that minute the test would be positive!

Yes I admit, this is a side of life I don't normally see (thank Bob!). But anyway I ended up playing lets make a deal with the prosecutors office and had to pay a non-moving violation and court costs.

There will be further updates on 2008, hopefully soon! I'd like to get that year wrapped up before this year is too old!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Year in Review (part one)

So let's see what happened in 2008? Not too much (yeah right!) actually it was a pretty busy year.

There was knitting....

There was a rather significant birthday....

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

So much was left unblogged in 2008 (and by the way -- when the HELL did it become 2009!!!!! I mean hello I am pretty sure I just did this new year's eve thing last month or something) that I am hoping for a "year in review" post this weekend.

So watch this site but knowing me I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!