Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New experiences

2008 review continues.....The year also brought some new experiences --- smooshed boobs and a traffic ticket. Sorry no pictures to go with this one (even though I have the ticket and my "booby bandaid" from mammogram #2) cause if I wait to get pictures of those things it will be 2010 before I finish reviewing 2008!

The mammogram wasn't hideous for anyone that is putting of their own for fear of agony. Although in my case the right boob is a total pain in my ass and caused me to go back for a second smooshing and an ultrasound. One cool thing though - they do give you a band aid with a bb attached to it to wear for the procedure.

The traffic ticket was also great fun! I managed to make it to 40 before I got my first (and hopefully only) traffic ticket. I missed a red light and the lovely police man was kind enough to stop me and give me an Independence Day present for it.

I did go to traffic court - which believe me was an experience in and of itself!!! I think my favorite had to be the guy telling a bunch of people he just met while we were all waiting that he had been totally honest with his parole officer when he said he had a dope problem. He even said that if he had to pee in a cup that minute the test would be positive!

Yes I admit, this is a side of life I don't normally see (thank Bob!). But anyway I ended up playing lets make a deal with the prosecutors office and had to pay a non-moving violation and court costs.

There will be further updates on 2008, hopefully soon! I'd like to get that year wrapped up before this year is too old!

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