Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Well, this is certainly a day!!!

Most people don't associate 11 September with good things any more, but this is one AMAZING day for me!!!

Three years ago today, I was lucky enough to marry the most wonderful man in the world.

And today while we were out to dinner, we got a call from our real estate agent...

Yes, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

We saw it online, went to the open house on Sunday, went back to see it Monday with our agent, made a formal offer last night, did some back and forth this afternoon, and had a final decision before 6:30 tonight!!!

I CANNOT wait to have a gas stove again!!! I have hated having electric stoves for the past 3 years!

We have plans to turn the basement into an Ohio State theme.

And...... we have a koi pond!!! I had to laugh last night that the koi were listed on the list of things that were to be left at the house after the sale!!