Sunday, April 18, 2010

Greetings from South Dakota!

Well it's official - I am now a South Dakotan! I even have a driver's license from here now.

Keith flew back to Ohio on St. Patrick's Day and we picked up our rental truck. Packing happened all day on Thursday (and yes we are still engaged and in love after all of that!!!)
Friday morning we said good bye to Cleveland and hit the road.

Bobble was a pretty good little traveler once she settled down. She just hung out in her carrier in between the seats for the trip.

We spent the night in Iowa instead of trying the 15.5 hour trip all at once, so Bobble also had a good time exploring our straight out of the 70's hotel room too!
Ummm yes that IS a mirror on the ceiling...why do you ask?

We managed to get everything unpacked from the truck on Saturday and Sunday (thanks to some of the guys that Keith works with). Monday started my new job (which I LOVE!!!!)

Now we're just putting the "settling in" touches on the apartment. More pictures of that later.