Friday, June 23, 2006

Where to start...

Still no knitting content in this one, but I think we will start the trip down memory lane with dorms (OK in politically correct lingo they are now residence halls.) I was a bit of an oddity on campus since I lived in the dorms all five years I attended Miami. I couldn't see the attraction in living off campus where you had to cook for yourself and clean your own bathroom, but that was just me.

Freshman year I lived in Dorsey Hall. It was an all female dorm on Eastern Quad and I lived on the second floor in the "alley" (the connecter part between the two wings). I've heard a rumor that Dorsey is going to be "deconstructed" (that's Miami speak for demolished) but I don't know if it's true or not.

I lived in Scott Hall (on the Central Quad) for a year and a half. I liked the hall and it was a great location, but let's just say that I did not have great roommate situations while I lived there. Of the three that I had one of them was fantastic. We shall leave it at that! Scott was a co-ed hall and had the added benefit of housing a dining hall for the quad.

After I moved out of Scott, I moved into Wells. This was a fantastic hall with some of the highest ceilings I have ever seen. I had the greatest roommates when I lived there (in fact we still keep in touch). The first six months I lived there, my roommate and I had a room next to the French doors that led out to a little rooftop balcony. The memory is fuzzy but I'm pretty sure residents were not encouraged to go out there. The next year we had a triple with a private bathroom (and I had the single room in the triple which is a good thing since I was the sloppiest). Wells was also a fantastic location for me since I was literally across the parking lot from the building that held the majority of classes for my major.

My senior senior year (what I like to call year five!) I lived on Western Campus in Havighurst (for some reason blogger doesn't want you to see my lovely picture of Havighurst. Either we'll try again later or stick it in another post). Havighurst was one of the newer dorms and had the benefit of being air conditioned. It was also close to one of the places that took up a large portion of my time, Sawyer Hall, home of The Miami Student and The Recensio. The Student is the school paper and that was the year I was hockey reporter and sports editor. The Recensio is the yearbook and I did cover some sports for them as well. We were stuck over there when they decided to remodel The Shiver Center (The Res to the truly politically incorrect among us). Sawyer was literally the farthest location you could be in and still be on campus. For some reason we thought the administration didn't care for us!

I was able to see the Student's new digs and they are MUCH nicer. They are in the basement of their building but at least you don't need a map to find them!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm back

Well reunion weekend was great and we'll all be taking a long stroll down memory lane as soon as I get photobucket to finish uploading my pictures.

In the meantime I have to tell you about the nice surprise I got from my friend Judy last week. Now keep in mind that while Judy and I are friends we have never met in person. We've gotten to know each other via bulletin board online.

Judy is avoiding carbs right now and I was teasing her that she should send me all her Tastykakes (a snack cake available in limited areas in the east but originally from Philadelphia) since we had been discussing them earlier. Wednesday night I come home from work and there is a box on my steps. "Great," I'm thinking to myself, "what did I forget about ordering?"

Well I didn't forget about anything. Judy had sent me a huge box of Taastykakes fresh from the factory! I have got to tell you a fresh Tastykake is an amazing thing. While I enjoy Tastykakes (we can get them in limited supply here in Ohio) they taste NOTHING like a nice fresh one. Plus the timing was perfect, since I was able to toss some in a bag for roadtrip snacks.
(Blogger has decided I am now allowed to show you my yummy goodies!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Road to blogdom

Well they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I guess it's the same for the road to blogging! I've had every intention of posting all kinds of things but just haven't had the chance. Of course it didn't help that I had to reformat the hard drive last week. This will just be a quick post so my only reader (that I know of!) doesn't think I've abandoned ship. I'm off to my 15 year class reunion from college. Hopefully I'll have all kinds of things to post when I get back.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Super Saturday

Yes I do know that it is Sunday but this post is about the great day I had yesterday. First I was able to take a class in Domino knitting through my guild with Vivian Hoxboro. She is a really neat instructor (we were her first stop in the US from Denmark) and the class was very inspiring.

I've already finished the main part of my class project, all I need to do is decide if I'm going to make it into a hat or not. I do want to use the leftovers from my market squares bag to make a larger version of the project to make a felted bag.

We had a small class (only 12 students) so there was a great deal of personal instruction. At one point Vivian stopped by to see check on my progress and she did tell me that my edges needed some work since the rest of my knitting was so perfect! Yippee!! The edges did come along and I was just thrilled that she thought the rest of my knitting was so good.

After class I had dinner with Vivian, my guild's vice president, and the VP's daughter and a co-worker. We ate at a restaurant called the Wild Mango and the food was fantastic. In fact we were there for three hours just eating, laughing and talking.

I had the soup of the day (which was a fantastic Chinese seafood chowder), pot stickers and the Romano shrimp. The shrimp was so beautiful that I had to take a picture of it.

Actually the presentation of the food is so beautiful I'm not the only person at the table who took a picture of their dinner!

While we were at dinner, Vivian told me that she thought I had made some excellent color choices in my class sample. Well that was another nice compliment, especially since I was using left over colors from the tessellating fish afghan. It was nice to have external validation form a published knitting designer that I was making good color choices.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Well I had a post....

already to go yesterday, but my computer decided that it was going to log me off. Apparently the goofy weather we were having didn't help my connection (I try to blame all kinds of things on the weather).

That's OK though, because I really didn't have that much knitting to talk about. I did finish my sock on Tuesday. I went to Barnes and Noble to read knitting books and finished up my sock while I was there. Most of my sock progress came while I was hanging out with the family this weekend watching movies.

We watched Rumor Has It (cute movie but nothing I want to watch more than once), Walk the Line (an excellent movie that we have all watched more than once) and Shall We Dance (a good movie that apparently everyone else in the family has seen more that once - this was my first time seeing it).

The girl from work that I've been teaching how to knit finished her first sock yesterday!!!! YIPPEE!!! And good timing too, since today was the last day at my office for her (she is transferring to another city to finish school - we are all very sad about that).

Since I still don't have pictures of new knitting. I thought I would show a picture of old knitting. Back in February I participated in the Knitting Olympics. Since I had never done entrelac or felting, I decided on the Market Squares Bag.

Hopefully this will work and you can see the picture!