Thursday, June 01, 2006

Well I had a post....

already to go yesterday, but my computer decided that it was going to log me off. Apparently the goofy weather we were having didn't help my connection (I try to blame all kinds of things on the weather).

That's OK though, because I really didn't have that much knitting to talk about. I did finish my sock on Tuesday. I went to Barnes and Noble to read knitting books and finished up my sock while I was there. Most of my sock progress came while I was hanging out with the family this weekend watching movies.

We watched Rumor Has It (cute movie but nothing I want to watch more than once), Walk the Line (an excellent movie that we have all watched more than once) and Shall We Dance (a good movie that apparently everyone else in the family has seen more that once - this was my first time seeing it).

The girl from work that I've been teaching how to knit finished her first sock yesterday!!!! YIPPEE!!! And good timing too, since today was the last day at my office for her (she is transferring to another city to finish school - we are all very sad about that).

Since I still don't have pictures of new knitting. I thought I would show a picture of old knitting. Back in February I participated in the Knitting Olympics. Since I had never done entrelac or felting, I decided on the Market Squares Bag.

Hopefully this will work and you can see the picture!

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Welcome to bloggery, Mary!