Sunday, May 28, 2006

First Post

Welcome to my new knitting blog. Afraid we don't have any pictures for this first post but we do have some WIPS to talk about.

I have just started assembling my tessellating fish afghan. A friend calculated that I have about 90 hours of knitting time involved in it so far. I want to have this done in time to enter in the county fair in August. Of course, we are now starting the first of summer's heat waves (it promises to be near 90 here tomorrow) which should make having all of this in my lap a great joy!

Right now I have one sock under construction. I've been teaching one of my employees how to knit and she asked to learn to make socks. I decided to cast on with her so that I could have a sock to demonstrate techniques on while teaching her.

I really want to start my Jaywalker socks though. Especially since I would like to enter those in the fair this summer also. I did pick up an extra set of size one dpns so I can get started even while I have another sock in the works but so far I haven't gotten around to it!

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