Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am a bad kitty momma....

I neglected to mention my Bobble girl's second "birthday" on July 19. Sorry Kitty (luckily she doesn't get internet access so, well we just won't tell her now will we?)

She seems to have adjusted well to our apartment. She likes to look out of our sliding glass door that leads to the balcony. Unfortunately I can't convince the birds to come to the feeder so she will have entertainment. Occasionally (more than that if you ask Keith) she is very naughty and tries to climb the bookshelves (I swear she is part monkey!!!) and gets great pleasure in knocking things off the countertops.

Testing out the card basket for the wedding! Everything must be Bobble Approved!!
I am so a good kitty ... when I am asleep!

And this just amuses me. Keith took the video of Bobble doing one of her favorite activities..... staring at him!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not dead yet!

Well the cough may indicate otherwise (I swear to BOB that South Dakota is only filled with stuff that I am hideously allergic to!! Nice stuff but lots of coughing, sneezing and nose blowing going on here!) but I am alive and well.

Things are going well here. I still love my job and Sioux Falls is a great place to live.

Wedding planning is going well (actually it's pretty well done). Just waiting for the RSVPs to come back so we can get everything finalized. The final fitting for the dress will be on August 11 (YAY!!! and thank BOB for David's Bridal who oh so kindly EXCHANGED the dress I was sold THAT.DID.NOT.FIT!!!!)

I made the cake topper.

I think it turned out pretty cute and can't wait to actually see it on the cake.

I have found myself hopelessly hooked on bridal tv shows these days. I am wondering if this new compulsion will go away after the wedding?

Now that you know I'm still around maybe next time I'll actually get around to posing some of the Sioux Falls pictures I keep meaning to share!