Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympic Knittng Wrap-up

So I finished my wingspan in plenty of time to cross the finish line for the ravelympics,I mean ravellenic games.

By the time I left my bookgroup on Friday night, I had very little left to knit. I figured I would easily be able to finish it between driving to Ohio and spending some time at the nursing home.

I really only needed the drive to Ohio to finish. Although I did do the cast off at the nursing home instead of the car.

It was done in time to show it off to Jeanne when I went to her trunk show at KNOTS on Saturday.

All of the pretty yarn I bought will have to be for another post so I don't overwhelm this one with too many pictures!

(scroll to see the whole thing, sorry my choices were teeny tiny or HUGE!!!)

I even got a medal for completing it by the end of the Olympics!

Now I just need to finish the socks I was working on before the Olympics started!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Halfway Point

The Olympics have reached the end of the first week as of yesterday, and I've reached the halfway point of my shawl!

And, as promised last week, we have some action shots!

Click on the picture to see the full image!