Sunday, June 04, 2006

Super Saturday

Yes I do know that it is Sunday but this post is about the great day I had yesterday. First I was able to take a class in Domino knitting through my guild with Vivian Hoxboro. She is a really neat instructor (we were her first stop in the US from Denmark) and the class was very inspiring.

I've already finished the main part of my class project, all I need to do is decide if I'm going to make it into a hat or not. I do want to use the leftovers from my market squares bag to make a larger version of the project to make a felted bag.

We had a small class (only 12 students) so there was a great deal of personal instruction. At one point Vivian stopped by to see check on my progress and she did tell me that my edges needed some work since the rest of my knitting was so perfect! Yippee!! The edges did come along and I was just thrilled that she thought the rest of my knitting was so good.

After class I had dinner with Vivian, my guild's vice president, and the VP's daughter and a co-worker. We ate at a restaurant called the Wild Mango and the food was fantastic. In fact we were there for three hours just eating, laughing and talking.

I had the soup of the day (which was a fantastic Chinese seafood chowder), pot stickers and the Romano shrimp. The shrimp was so beautiful that I had to take a picture of it.

Actually the presentation of the food is so beautiful I'm not the only person at the table who took a picture of their dinner!

While we were at dinner, Vivian told me that she thought I had made some excellent color choices in my class sample. Well that was another nice compliment, especially since I was using left over colors from the tessellating fish afghan. It was nice to have external validation form a published knitting designer that I was making good color choices.

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