Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm back

Well reunion weekend was great and we'll all be taking a long stroll down memory lane as soon as I get photobucket to finish uploading my pictures.

In the meantime I have to tell you about the nice surprise I got from my friend Judy last week. Now keep in mind that while Judy and I are friends we have never met in person. We've gotten to know each other via bulletin board online.

Judy is avoiding carbs right now and I was teasing her that she should send me all her Tastykakes (a snack cake available in limited areas in the east but originally from Philadelphia) since we had been discussing them earlier. Wednesday night I come home from work and there is a box on my steps. "Great," I'm thinking to myself, "what did I forget about ordering?"

Well I didn't forget about anything. Judy had sent me a huge box of Taastykakes fresh from the factory! I have got to tell you a fresh Tastykake is an amazing thing. While I enjoy Tastykakes (we can get them in limited supply here in Ohio) they taste NOTHING like a nice fresh one. Plus the timing was perfect, since I was able to toss some in a bag for roadtrip snacks.
(Blogger has decided I am now allowed to show you my yummy goodies!)

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