Saturday, January 17, 2009

We interrupt....

the year in review to bring you breaking news from the kitchen/drive way!

We have a puddle forming since the blasted weather has caused a pipe to break somewhere under the kitchen.

A plumber has been called (before 7 am I might add). But I couldn't have them here at 9 because I needed to do my quarterly visit to the vampire (aka doctor for my quarterly blood work). So now I have a four hour window of between 10-2. It's just now 10 so hopefully the phone will be ringing soon to tell me the plumber man is on the way!

Trust me when I say this is not how I wanted to spend my three day weekend, but at least it happened when I was home. I am desperately trying to find a silver lining here!!! And I suspect it may have something to do with the pipe that feeds the never used hose which would also be a plus.

Oh and in case anyone wonders .... so far winter sucks.

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