Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guess who fondeled my sock?

Greetings from another business trip to the wilds of New Jersey! Only a short trip this time, in today and home on Saturday.

Got some quality knitting time in today while waiting to board the plane (cause you KNOW I was a good two hours early!) and while in flight.

A couple of people asked about my knitting, one of whom said I was the "cleverest thing ever!" once she heard I was making my own sock. (Noro Kureyon if anyone is interested)

While on the plane the lady across the aisle from me asked me about my knitting technique since I was knitting magic loop (my preferred sock knitting method) which she was not familiar with. We chatted about that (I gave her the basics and suggested google for more details) and the fact that I knit continental (apparently she does too). She showed me her sock she was working on, felt my sock (the Noro is odd... it feels like straw in the ball but gets softer as you knit with it).

We discussed local yarn shops (she had never heard of Soft n Sassy) and throughout all of this I am thinking to myself "this lady looks soooooo familiar!"

Well at the end of the flight I finally figured out WHY she looked familiar and why I kept thinking she looked like someone. It was because she IS that someone!

My sock got fondled by Carol Heiss-Jenkins!!! I totally would have Kinneared her if I had any remote chance to do so! For a skating geek like me this was a pretty darn cool way to start my trip.

Tradition continues here... I am at the same NJ hotel as last time and getting lost in the same places as last time. I had hoped to go into NYC this afternoon since I had the afternoon free but was about to chew off my arm at that point so it was time to get lunch which turned into dinner (at 4:30 I feel old) instead....

I might get over to the city at the end of the week to see my friend Kathe so all hope is not lost!

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