Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I survived New Jersey

Greetings! I am happy to report that I survived the trip to New Jersey with only minor frustration in getting lost every time I went somewhere. That and the fact that I was driving (to me) the equivalent of a tank (did I mention that they rented me a Toyota Highlander? midsized my ass!!!) compounded with the special craziness that is driving in New Jersey made for a really fun trip.

No pictures since 1) I am at work (shhhhh no telling) and 2) I really didn't take any. Want to see what the hotel room looked like? Check out the last time I was there in 2007. Same thing with the amazing view of the NYC skyline from the workout room.

I did manage to make my way to a yarn shop while I was there and picked up some yarn (a pretty sunrise/sunset color of variegated wool) and a discounted pattern for some cable-ish socks.

There was some breaking news on the home front while I was gone though! Bobble let someone that wasn't me pet her! Barb and Joey were watching her for me and she let Joey pet her so he was THRILLED!!!!

Bobble got a catnip banana from me as her souvenir since she stole one of my actual bananas off the counter a couple of weeks ago. She seems to be rather fond of it so maybe if I get off my tush I will post the pictures of her with it later on tonight.

And I really haven't forgotten that I still have one more post I want to write for the end of the 2008 wrap up. It's going to be photo intensive so that one will have to wait until I am on my own computer.

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