Saturday, March 17, 2007

Changes in Attitude (changes in latitude)

Yesterday was one of THOSE days...very frustrating and stressful. I was pretty happy with myself though, prior to December a day like that would have sent me to the grocery store for chips, sweets, any kind of junk food. Instead I went to the Y and worked out for about an hour an a half. Did I REALLY want to be there when I first got on the treadmill - no not really. But I told myself just stick it out for fifteen minutes and by the end of that I was totally into my workout (and it helped they had Food network on the TV) and did the entire 45 minutes.

As promised earlier... pictures of my new "toys".

First is the big one that I didn't really think I needed but man have I loved it since I bought it!! (It's amazing how much faster things are now that I'm not running windows98)

The other is my constant companion at the Y. I love LOVE LOVE it.

I still need to add some more songs to it (right now I only have about 25 on there) but it really is a great little gadget.

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