Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hi Diane....

It was pointed out to me (and rightly so) that I haven't posted much since July 4th, so to make up for it we will have a SECOND post this month (I'm still not sure where this month has gone) and we'll have pictures too.

This is some non-stash yarn (remember yarn purchased out of town doesn't count as stash!) that I bought on the guild bus trip in May (OK so I'm a bit slow on pictures sometimes!)

We have some Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn in the front right, a skein of Regia bamboo yarn to it's left (I already had one skein from the guild Christmas party). In the back we have more Regia sock yarn in some totally obnoxious bright colors (they are basically flouresent!), Lily Chin yarn picked up from the sale bin that is designated for charity knitting and some Karabella lace mohair (can you tell I like BRIGHT colors???)

This is actually some alpaca blend that I picked up in NYC in April...believe it or not all of this cost me less than $11.00 (no not per ball - total!). Plus there is not tax on yarn in NYC! This was in the sale bin and I really liked the color so it got to come home with me. I think I might make myself a nice scarf out of this one.

Everyone have a great Labor Day (I am going to a cookout at my cousin's new house before I head off to the Donny Osmond concert!)

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Brand "Bip" Pratt said...

That is the pretty blue yarn that you made the scarf out of that you gave me!!! Which I still have and have deemed the softest thing I've ever worn around my neck!!! I even bought to shirts to match it! PIYOW!!!