Saturday, August 02, 2008


Oh I know totally like me to mention that I'm getting a kitten and then disappear for two weeks without a word.

Well I did get a kitten. Her name is Bobble Mia. Bobble for a couple of reasons:
1) it's a knitting term and I wouldn't have gotten her if I didn't knit
2) I also wouldn't have gotten her if I wasn't on ravelry and since Bob the Boston Terrier is the official mascot of ravelry, Bobble seemed like a good name.
3) Her middle name is MIA -- short for Missing In Action.

When I got her home after dying yarn at Heather's house with Jen (the blogless kitteh keeper)
I tried to get yet unnamed kitteh out of the carrier. Yeah she had a few other ideas and took off for under my bed. I tried to get her out and then she ended up under the night stand. I'm not sure where she went after that - I heard meowing around 12:30 in the morning but couldn't find her.

I closed off the craft room, bathroom and my bed room and slept on the couch in the living room.

Around 4:30 in the morning I hear a "meow" and see her under the chair with all of my exercise equipment. This time she makes a run for the kitchen and heads under/behind the refrigerator. In case you were wondering it's not very comfortable to sleep on my kitchen floor while trying to tempt a kitteh out from behind the fridge.

Eventually I had to leave to go to a birthday picnic and hoped she would come out while I was gone. No such luck - I knew she wasn't stuck since I would see her stick her head out and look at me but then she would run back and hide. I ended up calling in the reinforcements and had Barbara's brother Terry come and move the fridge.

While I was worried that someone wasn't drinking anything my resourceful kitteh was drinking the condensation off the fridge coils.

I got her to her safe room (aka the bathroom) and she started settling in a little bit. There was still hissing at me involved but she would let me pick her up and pet her.

Of course the next morning I discovered her missing from the closed bathroom. The door was completely closed and those of you that have been here know -- the bathroom isn't that big. I heard a "meow" and found Bobble in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. Had to wonder about that one, no opposible thumbs, closed cabinet door (a sticky one at that) and a kitten inside of it. Turns out there is a kitty sized gap between the counter top and the cabinet - big enough for an adventurous kitten to fit through. Later on I found her SITTING ON THE PIPES!!!

This is Bobble attacking her favorite toy (well except for the catnip mouse she got from Kathe (aka knittingfiddler) in New York)
I had to hide this in my closet after it looked like we were eating part of a feather.

Our newest trick though is to lay on top of the computer....
Which does tend to make it a little hard to type!

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missfaith said...

congrats on the new baby kittie! she's beautiful!!!