Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So? Anything new with you?

Well it's been a while since my last post. In fact I had to go and read what the last thing I told you was (sorry!!!).

I suppose I should do an update huh? I guess first things first -- my suitcase did show up and the FedEx guy even brought it up to the third floor for me! YAY!!!!

Not too long after that, Keith and I drove back to Ohio to spend Christmas here. Which was nice and quiet and uneventful....

Oh except for one thing......

WE GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He proposed on Christmas Eve via Ravelry. The way he proposed was totally unexpected, filled with all of my friends and made me cry. It had to be one of the most romantic and perfect things I could imagine.

This is a picture of my ring

it's rather hard to take a picture of your own hand so if I do this right this will be the photo I ganked from the web.....

Keith picked it out on his own although I had tried it on when we were looking for rings and I was giving him some ideas of things I liked.

So the wedding will be here in Cleveland on September 11 of this year. We are getting married at the zoo! Again this was all Keith. He discovered you can rent zoo buildings after hours and thought it might be a neat place for the reception. Well instead we decided to do the whole wedding at the Wolf Wilderness Lodge.

My dress is purchased and just needs some slight alterations. Is anyone surprised it's too long?

Other than finding a photographer we're pretty much on track for having it all together!

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