Saturday, January 22, 2011


Apparently the powers that be over at MSNBC have decided that we no longer need Keith Olbermann on our televisions each evening.

I disagree with this. I am not much of a political tv show viewer (well not since Tim Russert left this earth) but my husband is what I would call a bit of a political junkie. And through him I was introduced to *Countdown with Keith Olbermann.*

Since we have been together, I have found myself spending many an hour with Mr. Olbermann, being entertained and often times enlightened.

I am very sad that MSNBC has decided for whatever cockamamie reason he is no longer welcome in my living room each evening. I'm sorry, but the man that can give us such thought provoking commentary as this, about the World Trade Center "mosque" in August of 2010 will always be welcome in my living room.

I leave you now with that special commentary. It is 12 minutes long but well worth it.

Good night and good luck to you as well Keith Olbermann.

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