Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts .....

  • Recently I head a commercial for mini-coopers on the radio touting the fact that the car has "go cart handling." Really??? This is a feature that grownups look for in a vehicle? I'm sorry, you're already trying to sell me a clown car (oh wait that's a Smart Car) shouldn't it come with REAL car handling???

  • Do you think that Peter Scolari is pissed off that Tom Hanks starred in the same show when they were starting out (Bosom Buddies) and is now an Oscar winning actor, while Scolari is hawking erectile dysfunction treatments on the radio? I really wish I could find a link to one of the actual commercials (I suspect they may be out there but I am probably too lazy to search hard enough) but just use your imagination.

  • When recently reading Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs I came across this little nugget:

    "You claim to be smart. Know all about DNA. I'm sure you watch CSI and Law and Order. Maybe Bones, but that one may be over your head."
    Ummm self important much Ms. Reichs? Yes you are a producer of the TV show Bones, which is loosely (very very loosely I might add) based on  your novels featuring some semblance of Temperance Brennan  but really???? Having characters refer to a show featuring the same character they are interacting with? Is this some whacked out sense of reality or do we really think that highly of ourselves?

  • Ever really listened to those ads for medications to treat depression? You know the ones where they list 9 gazillion side effects? Why is one of the side effects usually that it can cause an increased risk of suicidal thoughts? If you are taking medication for depression, don't you want and increased risk of happy and perky thoughts? Seems like a really bad side effect for that type of drug and something the manufacturers might want to work on someday.
Yep those are just a few of the random thoughts that have been living in my head. Aren't you glad I shared them with you?

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bluebunny said...

absolutely! I happen to agree with you on all your points!