Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Concert, A Party and (GASP)


First, last Sunday the sock (a new one in Tofutsies yarn, which contains some of the same stuff that makes up crab and shrimp shells) went to a concert.

This is a shot from my seat (row 16!!) at the Donny Osmond concert. He was performing at the Taste of Cleveland and I happily splurged on a reserved ticket for the show.

My only complaint about the show was its length - it was way too short. The concert started around 9:15 and was over by 10:30. I've seen Donny in concert within the past two years and the last show I attended was MUCH longer. I am assuming that the length of this show had something to do with the venue. The Taste of Cleveland event was ending that night at 11:00 and I'm sure the promoters wanted everyone out of the concert tent in time to hit the food stands one more time on their way out.

I was able to wander up to the front and get a
close up picture of Donny. Even now that he's a grandfather he is still pretty darn cute!

The knitting and the party go together. We had a party this weekend for my friend's husband. It was a surprise party for his fortieth birthday. He seemed pretty surprised since his actual birthday isn't until December. Anyway they are RABID Ohio State fans so I knit him a pair of OSU slippers.

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