Monday, October 29, 2007


Sneaking in a post before October totally slips away. I actually have pictures of the sock and I (well I suppose I can be considered in the picture if you can see my hand) roaming around downtown Cleveland earlier this month as we stepped out for diabetes and knit out... well just to knit out!

But today we are going to have show and tell with my latest obsession..... SHAUN THE SHEEP!!!

I have always been a Wallace and Gromit fan and enjoyed Shaun the Sheep when he was in Wallace and Gromit's films. Thanks to the new BF (just slipping that one in all casual like LOL - edited to note that he's decided he has too much going on in his life for a relationship right now. He does and I understand the having stuff but it still sucks) I have discovered that Shaun is a star in his own TV show in England. Unfortunately the shows aren't available in the US but I've still renewed my obsession with Shaun.

I have be scouring ebay daily to try and get my hands on the elusive Shaun knitting pattern. I recently lost my last auction but soon consoled myself when I discovered this kit in an online shop in England.

Yep it's a Shaun the Sheep knitting kit! Of course I ordered it and am now patiently awaiting its arrival from England. Hopefully it will be here before I'm on vacation in December so I can spend some quality time making my own Shaun.

Oh and in case anyone felt the need to ask - yes I know I'm a geek!

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