Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More sock-ventures

Yep the sock had another adventure last night. OK it is a different sock than the one that met authors last year but whatever!

My book group (yes the three of us constitute a group!!) had a guest last night. Casey Daniels joined us to discuss her latest Pepper Martin book, Tombs of Endearment. This is her third book in the series and despite my usual reservations about reading a series book out of order I bit the bullet and dove into the book. I enjoyed it and will go back to read the first two books since as I told Casey last night with my usual reading quirk not knowing what happened earlier was JUST enough to make me slightly nuts!! but you don't have to read the first ones to enjoy this book.

She was a great guest and even willingly posed with the sock.

Oh yes it might help that she is also a knitter!

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Casey said...

I enjoyed meeting your group, Mary. You're all so nice! And of course it helps that I'm a knitter...if everyone knit, the world would be a much better place!