Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well since this is the last day of my vacation I thought I might get around to posting the pictures from the field trip Heather and I took to the cupcake store.

Well first we stopped at Miss Chickpea's for some yarn fondling (and buying). I found what I have declared to be the official key chain of the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group on Ravelry.
It's a cake key chain (obviously I know). I haven't decided what (if any) set of keys to put it on yet. Right now it's just hanging out on the dining room table. I've thought about making it a cell phone charm but I think it's too big for that.

After getting the key chain, some more sock yarn (yeah like I NEEDED that!!!) and some other yarn for afghan squares Heather and I walked over to the cupcake store. Main Street Cupcakes only sells cupcakes and they make a bunch of different kinds every day. I didn't take any pictures of the shop and for some reason the picture of my cupcake box shows up very pixitlated when I try to post it.

I went with a four pack of cupcakes.

From top left clockwise I picked:
Petal Cake (white cake with hints of almond, orange and vanilla covered in a butter cream frosting)
Wedding Day White (white cake again with a hint of almond and butter cream frosting)
Chocolate Covered Cherry (dark chocolate with a cherry inside and covered in a chocolate cherry butter cream frosting)
Day and Night (dark chocolate cupcake with white chocolate chips with white butter cream frosting topped with chocolate chips).

When I got them home I knew I wouldn't be able to decide on just one to try and I didn't want to eat all four of them at once, so I compromised. I cut them in half and had a half of each of them. This way you can see the inside of them. (cause stuff like this is all about you the reader!)I'm not sure why the picture comes out fuzzy here - it looks great on flickr.

They were pretty good cupcakes but I preferred the chocolate ones over the white ones. Heather said the same thing about the ones she tried too. Of course we said we can't pass judgement on only one trip so we will have to make another visit for mere scientific purposes of course!

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