Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

So what's new?

Just a few things going on here.... where to start! I suppose starting at the beginning is always the best...

In July or thereabout we found out that Keith's job would not be renewed when his term expired in November. YIKES! Well at least we had a great deal of advanced warning and he began applying for all of the government jobs he could find.

In September we had the wedding. It was small and we were surrounded by our family and friends (in spirit if not in person) and everyone had a wonderful time.
Yes, we went to Chipotle before the wedding!

Our best man Tim, matron of honor Kristen and minister Mary Ann

The topper LOOKED fantastic on the cake (yes I made it!)

So last month, we got some good news... Keith got a job with the Veteran's Administration as a public relations specialist. We are now in the midst (and I do mean midst as I sit on our floor surrounded by boxes and the frame of our now dead futon) of a move to Pittsburgh!

Bobble is confused by all of the activity in our apartment. I think she is worried that I'm either going to throw her in a box and tape her up or leave without her. Of course neither of those scenarios is an option! When we leave here Tuesday morning, she will be in her harness in her carrier on the seat next to me. She gets to be the navigator. Keith will be driving the moving van and I am driving our car. So I hope she is a good map reader! :-D

Hopefully I'll be able to update once we are in Pittsburgh. I haven't seen the apartment yet (just pictures) but I am really looking forward to seeing my new kitchen!


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