Friday, December 03, 2010

Unless You're The Lead Dog - The View Never Changes

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That map is how I've spent most of my week, driving from our old home in Sioux Falls to our new home in Pittsburgh.

Yep, 1089 miles according to Google maps. Started out on Tuesday and got here on Thursday.

And believe me, unless you're the lead dog (or the first car in a mini caravan) the view never changes.

So how do you amuse yourself for 1000 plus miles over the course of 3 days while staring at the back of a Penske truck? There are a few things you can do:
  • come up with clever titles for the blog post you are planning to write
  • sing very loudly (and badly and off key .... have I mentioned I've had a horrid cough since just before Thanksgiving???) along with the radio and annoy the cat
  • thank your stars that you have the Sirius radio in the car
  • be fascinated that there is a radio station devoted to alerts for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum and Library
  • wonder what they have to announce
  • be very disappointed when the radio station is nothing but static
  • kegel exercises ...... (what ... it was a long drive, it's not like I had anything else to do)
  • make strange noises for no reason except to amuse yourself and again annoy the cat
  • find it very amusing that Cosmo magazine has a satellite radio station
  • can't believe you're actually LISTENING to Cosmo radio
  • hurry up and turn on Martha Stewart radio instead
  • wonder why you can't manage to stop at ANY turnpike plaza with a Starbucks
  • break down and buy a mocha at McDonalds
  • regret that purchase pretty quickly
  • cough (did I mention the annoying and lingering cough that will not leave?????)
  • be amazed that this is the first time you've made the drive from Sioux Falls to Ohio while being awake for the entire trip (or the other way around actually)
  • calculate that this is the longest you have ever driven in one day
Now thanks to my lovely husband, all of our boxes are either in the apartment or our new storage locker. Tomorrow I get to start unpacking all of these boxes and figuring out where to put all of our stuff. I'm looking forward to that (and to doing some cleaning here ... no one fall over dead at that one please), these boxes are driving me nuts!!! Oh and as far as the cleaning goes, I don't think the previous tenant did a very good job cleaning (of course I apparently have high standards since our last landlord was amazed by how clean I left the apartment).

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