Monday, August 07, 2006

Results are in

Well I made it to the fair about fifteen minutes after they officially opened (OK I can be a bit obsessive).

All in all it was a pretty successful day for me.

My crocheted bag took second place (I promise better pictures once the things get home -it's hard to get a decent picture with chicken wire in front of you!) My bag is the black blobish thing on the bottom left of the picture.

My necklace that I knit with wire took first place. And my "hat" made from my class sample from the domino knitting took third. The hat has to be the big surprise of the day - I honestly didn't expect it to get anything. You can't really see the necklace very well in this picture, but the hat is off to the right side and the necklace is to the left of it.

My cross stitch of the beaver took first place. Nothing for the bib. (I'm trying to get photbucket to upload this picture but it's being difficult).

I received a fifth place for my picture from last year's fair. None of the other ones got anything.

The picture of my dad didn't win anything and neither did the camera. None of the camera's that were there had ribbons though so that was a little odd. You would think out of a dozen or so cameras they would find one to give a ribbon to.

The scrapbook page didn't win anything either, but I didn't think that it would.

But my big winner was the fish blanket. It took first place!!! I tried to get a picture of it but it looks OK in the camera but is just a big dark mess when I tried to upload it.

I added it up and if we don't count the cost of getting the pictures enlarged so they could be entered I think I turned a profit this year. It costs $10 to enter and you get two admission passes (which are worth more than $10) plus I think I actually won more than $10 this year in prize money (the most any of my placements are worth is $3), so not a bad day. Now I just need to start planning for next year!

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