Sunday, August 06, 2006


Well everything got finished (sort of! I never made a new scrapbook page, instead I used one that I had already made) and dropped off at the fairgrounds.

I can find out how I did tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to wait until 5 pm to get in. Turns out the fair doesn't open until 5 on the first day. I was all set to get there around 11 or so and see my results and have a fair food brunch.

Results will be reported once I make it home tomorrow night.

If I figured out how to do it, this little button should be over on the side that has my profile.

I've decided I need to go on a yarn diet for a couple of months. I've also decided that I need to log the yarn I have into a program I bought a couple of years ago so I have some idea of what I've got! There is one exception to the diet though - if I find a ball of a specific sock yarn I've been looking for I'm allowed to buy it but that's it! I think I might end the diet when my guild goes on a yarn shop crawl in October (that's the tentative date so far).

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