Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The (in)famous fish blanket is DONE. It turned out to be more of a crib sized blanket but that's OK. There are 120 fish in 12 different colors. All of the yarn is Baby Ull by Dale of Norway. Originally this started out as something to use up yarn that I had bought for a class. Well I only had seven colors so I decided to buy 3 more balls for an even number. While I was in Rochester on a business trip, I discovered the yarn shop near my office had two colors of yellow I hadn't seen yet so I bought them and was now up to 12 colors.

Someone asked me tonight if I would ever consider making another one and I said I might but not with such a fine yarn. I made two fish out of dishcloth cotton so I know that regardless of the type of yarn it takes about 45 minutes to make a fish. At 120 fish for the blanket that is 90 hours of knitting. I have no idea how many hours I spent on the finishing. I do know it was almost 7 hours just to sew the six completed strips together but I don't know how much time I spent on the fish themselves. So I figure if I spent that much time with a "bigger" yarn (like a worsted weight) I should have a much bigger blanket for the same amount of work.

I have considered adding more fish to the blanket after the fair is done if I find more colors of yarn that I like. But it's still a nice size to just have on your lap during the winter so it might just stay this size forever - who knows!

I know the picture isn't the greatest but I really wanted something to post with this. I still need to do the blocking before next week when I have to drop this off at the fair. I will try to get a better picture at that point.

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Ann said...

ooo, shiny!

Very pretty, Mary!