Sunday, July 23, 2006

Drive By Blogging

Hi all. Today is just a quickie post - no pictures or anything exciting. It's almost fair time and I need to get cracking on getting things finished. I submitted my list of entries on Friday and I have entered the following:

Crochet (yep can you believe it!) handbag - it's a small pouch type bag, got the pattern off the ball of yarn. Just need to add the beaded fringe.

Knitting - Other than above. Two entries here. One is a knitted necklace made with wire (you knit small wire squares and alternate with beads) and the second is a hat made from my domino knitting sampler. I've started knitting the hat band and need to make the necklace.

Cross stitch - Miniature less than 2 x 3 inches. I have a small picture of a beaver that I made a while back that I am entering (he's 100% finished!)

Cross stitch - picture less than 6 x 8 inches. This one is a bib that has been laying around for a LONG time. All I need to do is outline a carrot, tomato and broccoli and it's done. After the fair it will be a baby gift for my friend that is expecting.

Afghans - hand knit. This is the tessellating fish. The strips are done I just need to seam them together and block.

Hand made Felt - Knitted Felt This is the Market Squares bag. It's been done and ready to go since February!

Scrapbook - one page. Ummm this one isn't even started yet. I think I will scrap my trip last year to Stitches East.

Photography (these are all mounted and ready to go!!)
Nature (color) a picture of a thistle
Human Interest animal (no pet) a close up of a lorikeet from the zoo
Architectural Design (color) - The Beta Bells
Architectural Design (B&W) - The Sun Dial
Cuyahoga County Fair (color) - Some very cute alpacas from last year's fair

I'm also entering two items in the antiques category: an old camera and my dad's baby picture. I still need to get a frame for the picture since the category is framed pictures.

So that's why we are doing drive by blogging today. Everything must be delivered to the fair no later than Saturday August 5. The fair starts on Monday August 7 and I'm on vacation that week so I'm planning on going day one to see how I did!

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