Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Second Home

Well in my last post we strolled by all of the places I lived in while at Miami (OK so blogger didn't want you to see Havighurst but I digress). Now we shall visit the place I might as well have lived in since I spent so much time there - Goggin Ice Arena.

I was the sports editor for our college paper my senior year and the hockey reporter for three years. Plus I published the newsletter for our local hockey boosters so I spent A LOT of time at the rink.

Goggin is going to be torn down later this year since they have built a much bigger and supposedly better Goggin elsewhere on campus. I wasn't able to get inside the new Goggin while I was in Oxford since it is still under construction, but the outside looks pretty nice.

Since my old Goggin will be torn down soon visiting it again was a bit like saying goodbye to an old friend. In fact I asked the fellow overseeing the broomball game if I could go and visit the steps leading out of the locker room. He looked at me like I had an extra head but said it was OK.
What he didn't get was those were MY steps, I spent ages sitting on them (fourth one from the bottom) waiting for players and coaches after the games so I could do my interviews for the paper. I have my name on the list to buy a brick once Goggin is "deconstructed" only because I don't think they'll sell me a piece of my steps.


Ashley Downs said...

I considered Goggin my second home too during my Miami years! Worked and played there most days from my sophomore year on. Do you have any more pictures of the old building? I've been trying to track some down but pretty much everything on the web is of the fancy new arena.

mary said...

Hi Ashley, I don't know if I have any other pictures of Goggin from that trip. I'll have to take a look.