Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And today on DIY

Well the project of the day was the utility cart in the kitchen. We actually have before and after shots today (I know everyone is excited.) Obviously (I hope it's obvious) this is the before shot.

All the stuff in front of it is my "fakantry" (my fake pantry). Stuff that I plan on using soon was going in front of the microwave cart so I wouldn't shove it in the cupboard and forget it was there.

After some major cursing at the idiot who didn't make the screw holes big enough for the screws in the box I finally got this put together.
It took a little longer than I hoped it would, but it turns out to be darn awkward to hold the sides in place before the top and bottom are attached. This might explain how I stabbed myself in the knee with a screwdriver.

Where did all the "fakantry" stuff go? Inside the pretty new cart.

Oh and if anyone was wondering? I have more stuff to take to Half Price Books!

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