Saturday, May 31, 2008

40 and fabulous!!

OK well first we will post something not usually seen here in Mary-land. A picture of me!!!

OK I'm not thrilled with how my hair came out but I am past due for a haircut so whatever!

Dinner was AMAZING!!!! And I have pictures of everything except dessert (I forgot but trust me it was awesome).

I started with the mussels which have spicy sausage, garlic and white wine.
Everyone had a different appetizer and I got to try all of them (only one other person wanted to try mine). Even the chicken livers were good! I want to try and figure out how to make the roasted beets and the Jamison baby lamb ribs were so tender they just slipped off the bone. The bruschetta was garlicy and crunchy and delicious. Oh and I almost fell over when the "bowl" they brought me for my mussel shells was a calphalon pan. You could tell it had been well used but still!

For my entree I had the hanger steak. The picture is a little blurry but the dinner was fantastic. I had mine rare and it's served over chickpeas with red peppers -- YUMMY!!! I chose the soft polenta as my side (I was being adventurous) and I am sooooo glad I did. They make it with marscapone cheese (and another one I can't remember) but it was phenomenal.

Barbara and Rich had the snapper for two. I had a taste and he was pretty yummy too.

I didn't have any leftovers but Terry and Sarah did and they package them up in these cute little boxes. OK and if anyone cares the polish I'm wearing is OPI Got the Blues for Red.

I almost forgot to post the picture of the yummy beverage I started my evening with. It's called a Zeta and it's champagne, cranberry juice and peach nectar. It was as good as it looks too.

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Ann said...

Happy birthday! You're still a babe!