Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm on a dishcloth kick right now. Partially because I had a wedding shower to attend last week and one of my standard shower gifts is some knit dishclothes. I do give the bride to be something else (in this case it was a movie night basket - a large ceramic popcorn bowl, plastic containers that look like the paperbags you get popcorn in at the carnival, popcorn, movie candy and a copy of The Karate Kid). The movie was a joke between me and the bride - we work together and one day she decided that I was her Mr. Miagi since she is often asking me questions since I've been with the company forever and as she says, knows everything.

Anyway - I also made her three disclothes (from yarn I had in the stash!!! Yeah me!!!)

First we have the nine-patch dishcloth from the lovely ladies at the Mason-Dixon Knitblog. It's a free pattern on the right hand sign of the blog. I liked how the colors worked together (please don't ask me color names - I don't remember and the bands are long gone. I do know the yarn is Sugar and Cream. The blue was purchased in Rochester NY last year and the orange was either Michaels or Joann)

Next we have a cloth in the bamboo pattern. This is one of my favortie patterns and I discovered it here. This place has A TON of dishcloth patterns. The yarn for this one was something I picked up at Walmart (I think it's Peaches and Cream).

Last, we have a simple basketweave. No real pattern for this one, just alternate knit and purl blocks.

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