Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well these should be well aged

These pictures should be appropriatly aged (hey here at Mary Has a Knitting Blog we show no picture before it is sufficiently aged - just like good wine!!!).

Actually these are from my Step Out for Diabetes last month. The fundraising walk (and thanks to my generous supporters I raised $225 which was over my goal of $150) takes place in downtown Cleveland so I had to show the sock the sites.

Along the Cuyahoga river there are a number of bridges, including some that even lift to allow ships to pass underneath. This is one of the lift bridges.

Our walk took us along the lake front where we paused to show the sock the Great Lakes Science Center.

I haven't ever been inside (it's one of those local things - like the New Yorker that's never been up in the Empire State Building.) It sounds like it has some great exhibits and I think about going but you know what they say about thoughts and good intentions.

Finally we have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (yes I have actually been inside this one... saw the John Lennon exhibit in 2000). The guitars in front are a fund raiser for the United Way. Each year various companies sponsor a guitar which they have decorated, later there is a benefit and the guitars are auctioned. Some of them are absolutley amazing.

I forgot who sponsored and created this one but I really did like the guitar lion.

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