Thursday, April 05, 2007

Home Again

Still no pictures (but there will be several in the near future). Spent the last five nights in NYC. After I finished my week at my branch in NJ I was sent to midtown to work at a branch in the city. It was actually a very enjoyable trip and I think I walked almost the ENTIRE island while I was there. (I never made it past the upper 70s so I guess I didn't really do the entire island but it sure felt like it).

Today was long day - in part because my car service guy apparently had some awesome driving mojo going on this morning. They told me it would take an hour to get from midtown to Newark (I allowed over an hour - just in case). Ummmmm they don't know that Mario Andretti works for them.... midtown to Newark 25 MINUTES. Which means I was checking in for my 10:10 flight at 6:30 in the morning!!!!! Ummmm yep that's me taking that homeland security check in two hours before flight time really seriously.....

Of course once we were on plane we had an adventure. They almost threw a couple and their child off the plane. Apparently mom was accidentally placed in an exit row and they gave her an upgrade to first class. She took little child along and was politely asked to have child move back to coach with dad since junior was kicking the seat in front of them. That wasn't working so they had to get the gate agent involved and he flat out told them that if they didn't start cooperating they would be thrown off the flight and rebooked on a later plane cause at this point even THE PILOT didn't want them on board.

Unfortunately they calmed down and stayed on board ... why do I say unfortunately??? I'm the lucky person now sitting in front of them.

I guess I forgot to tell the airline I wanted the no screaming baby flight.

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