Friday, April 27, 2007


Back to New York.... One place on my list of must visit was Starwberry Fields, the portion of Central Park dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. I've been a Beatles fan since about the age of nine (my sister sent me to into my nephew's room to get the stereo turned down and eventually had to come in herself since we both had headphones on at that point - I think the album was either Abbey Road or Let It Be).

It was nice to just sit on one of the benches around the Imagine and knit and people watch. Imagine is also my favorite John Lennon song - when I was in high school I had to give a speach on the meaning of a song or peom and that was the one that I chose.

Several walking tours came by and listened to the presentation of Gary, the "mayor" of Strawberry Fields explaining how the area came to be.

After I left the park I stopped by the actual Dakota. If you look closely they now have signs stating that only authorized people are allowed beyond the gate.

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